Thursday, April 16, 2009

Upcoming events and updates

I am in the process of switching to a new designer for my website and have not updated it in quite a while. I never wanted to be that artist who doesn't update her website regularly, but that is what I have become. It is a sad realization but it will be remedied soon. So, in the mean time, here are some shows I have coming up:

May 16th & 17th
City Artists at Work (another non-updated website)
Group exhibit at M Gentile Studios in the Shovelworks building
Cleveland, OH
-I'll be showing mixed media hand-made paper pieces

June 12th-27th
This is Cleveland (All the stuff I see) Photo Exhibition
Low Life Gallery
Cleveland, OH
-I'll be showing photographs

August28th- September
Solo show at William Rupnik Gallery (formerly Artchitecture Gallery)
Cleveland, OH
-I'll be showing brand spanking new oil paintings

I have prints for sale at and paintings at

In addition to my website you can find updated information on shows and such here.

And one final update-
I have a new job! I am the Preparator for The Progressive Art Collection. The newness starts in May after I take a week off between jobs. Yay!

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