Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is Cleveland- All the stuff I see

I was invited to participate in a photography show at Low Life Gallery in Cleveland, OH called This is Cleveland- All the Stuff I See. It opens on June 12th and will also be up for the Waterloo Festival on June 27th.

The concept is:

30 people were given disposable cameras with 27 exposures to document their Cleveland over a 14 day period.

The photographs were developed and a small exhibit committee selected the 16 best photos from each person.

The first time the photographers will see their work will be at the opening night reception.

The photographers include:

Marlee Brown(Shoparooni)
Steve Barrett
Dave Desimone (Low Life)
John G.
Cleveland SGS
Mallorie Freeman
Phoebe Marie
Genna P. (Messy Magazine)
Bob Peck
Leigh Ring (Pink Eye)
Bill Rupnik
The Sign Guy
Heather Young
Justin Vaughn
Jeff Koski
Miss "Carol" Firecracker
Leah Stephanic
Leigh (Afternoon Naps)
Chris (Grays Auction)
Kustom Pink
Joshua Rex
Rick Sans
Ray (the Helper T Cells)
Ryann Guitar Anderson

If you can't read it- it says:
Opening Reception June12th-27th 7pm-11pm
Low Life
16001 Waterloo Rd.
Cleveland, OH 44110

I have an on going series of photographs that started in 2002 when I moved from Portland,OR to Cleveland,OH. I shot photos of my mannequin at vantage points along the road throughout the trip across the country. I bought the mannequin in 1991 at Antiques in the Bank in Ohio City and it has managed to be one of the few items I have kept over the years. I repaint it every so often but certain areas have always remained the same.
This is it in 2002:

Devils Slide, Utah

Pony Express- Gothenberg, Nebraska

For some of my pictures for the show, I drove around town with my pal Phoebe who is also a photographer in the project. The mannequin modeled in all of my photos like a tourist in the city. It was tons o fun and I can't wait to see how they turned out. I am also happy that my main cat Bill Rupnik is in the show and hope his cat Spike's mysterious kitty boo boo gets better.

Here are a couple more things that fascinated me today

Can someone tell me why the word hot is in quotes? It's either hot or it's not.

I also saw this on a box of art at work today

It is the most interesting spelling of the word frame I have ever seen.

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