Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Cleveland

These are not the best copies but here are all of my photos from the This is Cleveland exhibit. Only 16 were in the show (they have a * under the photo). Some of the photos are missing from the group and I am not sure why. One was of the mannequin sitting at the piano by the window at the Happy Dog. One was at Bill's loft of the mannequin sitting in a chair with Spike the cat. And one was a shot of my studio.

I was interviewed by Garrett Weider for the Examiner about my series of photos- check out the review.

* Edgewater Park

* Edgewater Beach

* Edgewater Pier

* Skate park behind the Rock Hall

Skate park behind Rock Hall

* Goodtime III

* Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

* A weird train in the bed of someone's pick up truck in the parking lot on East 9th Street Pier.

* Behind the Science Center

* Claes Oldenberg's Free Stamp

Hot dog vendor at Public Square with Phoebe Marie assisting

* Terminal Tower

*The Happy Dog brunch

* Cleveland Cold Storage building

* Chinatown

*The best Best Corned Beef in Town sign

* Franklin Castle

* Paintings by Arabella Proffer at William Rupnik Gallery

Arabella Proffer

2 dollar 3 olives Happy Hour with Arabella Proffer and Gina DeSantis

Mirror in my studio

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