Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Suck at Baking

Yes, it is true, I am not a baker. I refer to my attempts at cooking as food projects. Sometimes it's not necessarily about the actual flavor of a dish but more of a visual creation using food. I can follow a recipe just fine- but then somewhere along the line, things sometimes get a little askew. I will say that I usually do not pick easy food projects. What's the fun in that? Which leads me up to my latest baking failure:
pumpkin pie from scratch.

I was given a sugar pumpkin from the farmers market that sells fresh fruits and vegetables at my work. I'm not into pumpkin soup so decided to make a pie with it. I got a recipe on line that I think was from Martha Stewart and started on my pie making adventure.

I forgot to get a picture of it whole so I put it back together after it was cut in half to take this picture.


I poked a knife into it after 45 minutes like the recipe told me but it was no where near being done. It was still liquid in the center. I ended up cooking it another 45 minutes then let it cool for a few hours.

The Final Results:

The wonderful aroma that filled my loft was not an indicator of what the pie actually tasted like. It was sweet and eggy. Not a good combination. The crust on the bottom in the center never quite cooked all the way through. I thought an hour and a half was too long and was hesitant to leave it in longer. I guess I should have. I needed a food processor to puree the pumpkin mush but left it behind in my last move. I couldn't use my blender because the last thing I used it for was to make paper due to my studio blender going on the fritz. The only thing I had was the ol' vintage Mixmaster which didn't get it as smooth as a blender or food processor would but decided to press forward anyway. That was also not the best decision.

I thought that since this was the first time I have used the oven in my new place that maybe it doesn't hold the temperature. I had an oven like that in a past so it was not out of the question. I borrowed an oven thermometer from my neighbor Shay to see if this was the case but unfortunately, it was not. So basically, I made a bunk ass pie.

I have some of the pumpkin puree left over and froze it to use in another recipe I have for pumpkin ravioli with butter and sage. Hopefully it will be more successful.

New Blog & Website Update

I decided to start a blog specifically for my art and studio stuff. This one will remain an eclectic blend of food, photographs and other curiosities.

Also, I have finally learned how to build and maintain my own website which is a huge relief! All of the images and information has been updated so check it out!

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