Sunday, May 1, 2011

Peepshi and Octodog

While in South Carolina last weekend to visit my family for Egg Day, I decided to try out a couple of food projects on my nephews, Gavin (5) and Max (2). For the main course I made octodogs (octopus shaped hot dogs) on a bed of macaroni and cheese. For dessert, peepshi (peeps sushi)...

I made octodogs for the first time a couple years ago. The process of making the second batch was much quicker, but unfortunately much like the first batch, no one ate them.

Pretend eating- he couldn't handle the eyes. It kind of looks like he is yelling at them.

Octodog with broccoli hair


A couple months ago, my friend Phoebe sent me a link on how to make peepshi. The second I saw it, I knew I had to try it.

The first step was to decapitate the peeps and cut 3/8" slices of rice krispie treats.

Rolling the sushi with fruit roll ups.

Not only did it get one Karate chop of approval...

Peepshi got a double Karate chop of approval.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Adventures in Asiatown

Phoebe and Ben

Samples from Park To Shop

Basil seed drink with honey, grass jelly drink, ferment red date bean curd, fried gluten (irregular) with peanut and soy sauce, wax gourd beverage, and durian pudding.
First course, Durian pudding and wax gourd beverage

The consistency was like hard slimy jello.
The smell was sweet with a side of bad.
It tasted truly awful. 
There were chunks of durian that were very hard and almost inedible.
The after taste was surprisingly sweet. 

Ferment red date bean curd with made in Taiwan caused a feeling of intense euphoria and bewilderment followed by involuntary facial contortions.

Ben was no longer smiling after ingesting this large chunk. 
The texture was like soft cheese
It tasted like medium spicy vinegar cheese
It expires in 1 year but when was it made?

Ben and I cleanse our palates with basil seed drink with honey. 
It smelled like bubble gum and had a sweet flavor. 

Phoebe sampled the red date bean curd on an onion and chive Sky Flakes cracker.

Phoebe said, "I think it's expired"

Grass Jelly Drink
Smelled like minty medicine.
The chunks of jelly were disconcerting but still drinkable according to Ben.
He said that it gets better the more you drink.

Fried Gluten (irregular) with peanut and soy sauce was not bad.


Sesame sweet balls
Sesame sweet ball, tree stump chocolate with a cookie center (very much like Twix without the caramel), and french cookies.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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